Friday, April 4, 2008

50 First Dates is my favorite movie

So, have you seen 50 first dates? I'm just like Drew, sans the brain damage. So you don't have to work so hard, but if you want to win me over again every time we meet I won't complain. Well, for the first little while anyway.

But really, I'm an earthy kind of girl. I'm friendly, confident, independent, active, intelligent and generally up for anything. I have a pretty busy life between grad school, climbing and kayaking, but am looking for someone who can share some experiences and keep up. Straight up, I'm not a prude but I'm also not going to be taking my shirt off for random internet guy just because he asked and smiled pretty, so if that's you ... just keep looking. And I'm also not really interested in finding someone who could be my father... I just find that a little creepy. Otherwise, if you think you are a positive person with enough energy to keep up, give me a try. Know any skating rinks? Hiking trails? Good coffee shops? Pubs? We'll see where we can go from there.